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Valentine’s Table Inspiration

Flower arrangement in the center of the table

ne of my favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is to tablescape accordingly for the occasion. I love to decorate the table the night before and watch my children's reaction when they come downstairs for the big reveal.

Having four kids has shifted most of our holidays from adult-centered to kid-centered. So, with this table setting, I chose not to use fancy or expensive decor, but simple things like paper plates, felt decor and lots and lots of candy. A little effort really goes a long way when it comes to kids.

Here are a few things I focused on this year when planning for my Valentine's table:

Fresh flowers 

Fresh flowers are always a must (whether you are doing kid-friendly or adult) because they brighten up the table and add an element of beauty that you just can’t get any other way. I specifically used CC’s Flower Truck this year for all my florals and was not disappointed. This adorable floral vendor is a Northern Colorado staple, and she drives around in a sweet 68’ Volkswagon Transporter outfitted with racks bursting with colorful, blooming flowers to brighten anyones day.

Laura setting Valentine's Day Table
DIY Placemats

Placemats that the kids could get involved with. As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of placemats, because it is hard to find ones I actually like. This year we decided to make our own and they turned out SO CUTE. Check out the full DIY CONFETTI PLACEMATS post on how to make them with your kids.

Place setting with valentine's placemats, plates, and silverware
Valentine’s Charcuterie Board.

I wanted to create a big statement piece somehow, and I decided a sweet version of your traditional charcuterie would be great for the kids. I did a full run down on how I created this and all the great things I used. You can follow the link to my VALENTINE’S CHARCUTERIE BOARD.

tray with candy and valentines treats

Balloons are the decorations that keep on giving. Not only do they bring the decor up a level and add a great pop of just the right colors, my children love playing with them for days after. In fact, we actually still have some of the balloons from this shoot floating around our house and in our kids bedrooms. I love that balloons are perfectly customizable to whatever occasion you need and that they really help fill up a room. Instead of grouping them together, I like to let them float around individually.

Valentines Tablescape with balloons, flowers, and decorations
Valentine’s themed plates, decor, and candy.

For this specific set-up, I decided to go with Target plates and silverware. I also used Valentine’s themed tea towels and a lot of simple decor items they had in the Valentine’s section. I customized some adorable mini mailboxes and water cups with my Cricut to add a touch of personalization, and I grabbed a few things from a Michael’s trip (think heart shaped table scatters) while I was there. And, of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without lots and lots of candy.

be mine plush
red valetine's mailbox
heart shaped dish with candy
valentines mailbox with heart plate
Laura touching up flowers on valentines day table

What do you think of this Valentine’s themed table? Do you decorate for your kids? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Also, if you decide to do a special Valentine’s table, send me pictures so I can see! You can find me on instagram @authenticallyrue.
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