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Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

Laura arranging valentine's charcuterie board
Valentine's charcuterie board with oreos, cupcakes, and other sweets

kay, so this isn't your traditional charcuterie board set up. But, I thought a sweet version of a charcuterie board would be on theme for Valentine's Day.

This board can be used as a galentine's gathering focal point, something fun for the kids, or even sized down for a zoom event.

Tips for creating your Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board:

1. Choose you foundation. Typically, you see charcuterie boards on wooden cutting boards, however, in order to flow more with the Valentine’s theme, I opted for a white serving tray.


2. Lay out all your ingredients in advance. Before you begin placing anything on the serving platter, its important to lay everything out on the counter. This really allows you to see what you are working with and helps with the over all presentation.

For this board I used to the following items:

        • Cupcakes from TK’s Cakes
        • Cinnamon Rolls from Lolo’s Rolls
        • Puppy Chow
        • Sugar Cookies
        • Oreos
        • Assorted chocolates (Dove, Lindor, Ghirardelli)
        • Conversation hearts
        • Sprinkles
        • Fresh flowers
        • Small decor items

3. Select the largest items and space them out on the board (or in this case, the tray). These will be your anchor pieces. For this specific board, my biggest items were the cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and a large bowl of puppy chow. I placed them on the board first to ensure that the large items were balanced out.


4. Always add fresh flowers. Once the large items are placed, you can play around with the flowers. These add an element of delicacy to the board and really add to the beauty. This year, I featured blooms from CC’s Flower Truck. She is a local Fort Collins vendor with the cutest flower truck.


5. Start sprinkling in the small items. For this board specifically, I use the small candies and non-food decor items to fill in the blank spaces. I personally prefer a board filled to the brim, so I left little white space free. This is entirely up to you. You can fill it as little or as much as would like.


6. Enjoy!

Valentine's sweets up-close
Valentine's Charcuterie board with m&ms, candy, and other sweet treats
Laura holding Valentine's Charcuterie Board
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