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Halloween Decor Inspiration: Swamp Inspired Spooky

Authentically Rue
Authentically Rue

alloween can be one of the most frustrating holidays to decorate for if you are a perfectionist. The color scheme is challenging, the concepts are aggressive, and my kids realllllllly like to be involved (which presents its own set of problems - IYKYK). So, it is safe to say, Halloween is not my favorite holiday to embrace décor-wise. Up until this year, I just did the bare minimum and called it good. But, I finally decided to up the ante and raise the stakes. I challenged myself to elevate Halloween décor and come up with some super chic and sophisticated ways to decorate while staying within the Halloween spirit.

"I challenged myself to elevate our Halloween décor and to come up with some super chic and sophisticated ways to decorate while staying within the Halloween spirit."

The first concept I bring you is Swamp Inspired Spooky. I took inspiration from our recent trip back home to New Orleans for this idea. While we were there, I took my kids and husband out on their first ever swamp tour (and THEY. LOVED. EVERY. SECOND. OF. IT). We saw countless alligators, some snakes, and lots of birds and fish too. The colors were beautiful in a murky and dark way that I thought would be fun for a Halloween decor idea. It was also a good way to get the kids involved because they remembered the trip, and they liked the idea of using it in a spooky way.

I started with the plants. I knew I wanted A LOT of greenery to simulate the swamp vibe. Then, I built out from there. I purchased almost all of the physical supplies that I didn’t already own for this scene from our local thrift store because I wanted a hodge-podge of items, colors, and textures. I was kind of going for a backwoods séance type feeling. 

First, I stacked all the books on the table. Then, I added the vases, candles, and jars. Once I had everything in place, I added the snakes, spiders, and Spanish moss. The finishing touch was an actual alligator head that my father-in-law bought while in New Orleans on a previous trip.

The thing I love about this scene is that it actually just enhances the home decor we already have going on in our house. It elevates the room (which is what I really think any holiday decor should do), and it doesn’t scream Halloween. 

Happy decorating. Thanks for stopping by! 
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