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here is nothing, and I mean nothing, more frustrating to me than my weight. I am not one of those people who is naturally thin. I cannot eat all the carbs and all the sweets and still remain within a healthy weight range. I have always had to work for it.

For this post, in particular, I went back and forth on how personal I wanted to get. Do I really want to go into how I’ve been both underweight and overweight? No, not particularly. Would I prefer you to think I’m naturally thin and have been my whole life? Yes, for some unknown reason, I would.

However, when I started the blog, I promised myself I would remain authentic and truthful. In this instance, my truth is that I’ve had a history with weight issues, and it is those struggles that brought me to work with an amazing local company, Colorado Nutrition. And, most importantly, it is Colorado Nutrition that has helped me develop a new mindset and strategies for healthier life. So, I think it is important for me to share a little about myself. That way you can understand what brought me to working with Colorado Nutrition and how they have drastically impacted my life for the better.

Laura browsing supplements at Colorado NutritionMy Story

For whatever reason right around middle school, when all the other girls in my class seemingly remained the same size while eating whatever they wanted, I began to notice myself putting on weight. Given the resources available to me at the time, I “educated” myself using misinformation, false realities, and health columns in gossip magazines (and later the internet). I began to see certain body types as desirable, however unachievable they might be. I very quickly developed disordered eating habits and implemented restrictive diets in an effort to look the way I thought I should. These unhealthy influences and mindsets had a lasting impact on me during my most formative years and ingrained deep-set thought processes that have proven to be almost impossible to change.

As with any unrealistic and unattainable goal, I have gone through periods of being able to maintain the self-control necessary to restrict my eating, and conversely, I’ve gone through stretches of completely letting myself go. Because of this, my weight has drastically yo-yoed over the years. I have seen the numbers on the scale literally span 100 pound differences. And, the interesting thing is, with all this effort, energy, and heartache spent trying to reach this imaginary and undefinable place, I am always inevitably unhappy with my weight.

In the spring of 2018, I finally reached a long overdue breaking point. I woke up one morning and realized I had spent the last four years at the heaviest I’d ever been. I gained 80 pounds during my first pregnancy, then I got pregnant again, and then again (with twins the last time). I found it nearly impossible to loose any weight with so many pregnancies so close together, and I decided to finally make a change.

I started working out at Orangetheory Fitness and saw a significant amount of progress physically. But, I noticed the same unhealthy mental tendencies popping back up. Even with the strides I was making with my fitness, I wanted faster results. I had a lot of negative body image thoughts running through my head, and I felt like I was going to spiral out again.

But, with raising three beautiful girls at home, I knew I couldn’t go down that road again. I did not want to be a negative influence in their lives and recreate the same body image issues in them that I grew up with. I wanted to be able to teach them to be happy with and proud of what their bodies can do for them regardless of what the current trending shape is in American culture. 

I thought it was important for me to be an example of self-love instead of self-hate.

Owners of Colorado Nutrition in their Store

Matt and Von Preston, owners Colorado Nutrition
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Meal Plan

So, I enlisted some help. I had been going to Colorado Nutrition for several months to get my pre-workout smoothies, and I finally decided to utilize their nutrition planning. The owner of Colorado Nutrition, Matt Preston, has a degree in both Microbiology and Biochemistry and is a Certified Metabolic Nutritionist. I figured if anyone was qualified to give me advice on what I should be doing, it was him.

I set up an initial evaluation and assessment with Matt. I told him I was looking to loose weight, but that I wanted to do it in a healthy way and through a plan I could maintain. I was tired of crash diets and trendy weight loss plans, and I was tired of the weight ups and downs.

In the initial consultation, I went over everything I was eating and currently doing fitness-wise. I essentially gave him an overview of my life and activity levels, so he could better understand what my body needed to fuel itself. I also got on the InBody570 body composition analysis machine and did a full body scan. The scan tells you exactly what your body is made up of in less than five minutes. It gives you your percent body fat, lean muscle mass, body fat mass, segmental analysis, basal metabolic rate and so much more. It is a tool that measures everything about your physical makeup so that you can set goals and gauge your progress.

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Colorado Nutrition Plan and paperwork

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Informed with my InBody metrics, activity levels, eating habits, and goals, Matt was able to get started on my meal plan. Within a couple days, he produced a full blown guide to healthy and balanced eating.

The meal plan was completely individualized and tailored to me, my activities, and my goals. Matt calculated the amount of calories I needed to be burning in a day to achieve the weight loss I was looking for. He took into account specific details about my life including my daily activity and how much I was exercising. Once he had the specific number of calories I should be eating, based on how many calories I burned on a daily basis, he divided them up throughout the day using his nutrition expertise.

The plan was broken up into three main meals with two snacks in between. If I was working out that day, I was also supposed to have a pre-workout and post-workout snack as well. For each meal and snack, he divided up the calories into three main macronutrients (“macro”) categories: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. For each meal, depending on the time of day and how much activity I was doing before or after each meal, I was given a specific amount of each type of macro to eat.

One thing I figured out pretty quickly after looking at the plan and talking with Matt, was that I had been eating all the wrong things at the wrong times. I learned that your body needs different types of calories at different points throughout the day to perform the way we expect it to. So, the meal plan assigned a set number of calories to specific times of day and broke down which types of calories I should be consuming at exactly what time.

Close Up of Laura

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Matt also helped me see that I had been eating too little for too long. My body was compensating for the lack of calories by eating muscle and generating fat. So, I never saw progress with weight loss or body composition. I was in a continuous cycle, that I literally could have never seen or adjusted without the help of Matt.

The cool thing about the Colorado Nutrition program is that it includes access to a unique computer software program. I was able to log in to a specialized portal that contained all my information. On the website, I could look up any meal and access the amounts of calories and macros I was supposed to eat at each meal. The program also allows you to select what foods you are eating for each macro, and once you make your selection, the program generates exactly what quantity of that specific food you are supposed to eat. For example, if I was eating pasta for dinner, I would select pasta in the drop-down menu for carbohydrates at dinner, and the program would tell me exactly what portion size of pasta I should eat that night. This makes following the plan extremely easy and user-friendly. You don’t actually have to count the macros and calories yourself.

Included in the plan, are in-person follow-up sessions with Matt. During the follow-up sessions, you get back on the InBody machine and look at your body composition. There is no avoiding the numbers. You (and Matt) can easily see how well the program is working for you, if you are following it, and if any adjustments need to be made.

Matt and Laura Discussing Nutrition Plan

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Matt looking at computer

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As with most things in life, my body seems to be very complicated. It took a few adjustments to my plan to figure out exactly what combination of macros worked for me, but once the plan was adjusted, I started to see progress almost instantly. Not only did I started to see weight loss, but I also started to see a significant shift in my mindset and goals.

My focus started to switch from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to have the right body composition. I noticed that on top of loosing weight, I was reorganizing the make up of my body. I started to turn the fat in my body into muscle. My clothes were fitting better, and I could see a noticeable difference in my performance at the gym and with my outdoor running. I figured out that the goal should be to eat in a way that makes your body feel healthy and strong.

I have seen a ton of progress in my body since working with Matt, but the biggest change has been in my mentality surrounding food. 

Working with Matt has helped me reprioritize my goals and retrain my brain. I look at eating food as an opportunity to fuel my body to be able to achieve all the things I want to in life. I'm not scared of calories or carbohydrates and that is monumental.

Woman smiling holding smooth

Supplements, Smoothies, and the Colorado Nutrition Experience

On top of offering completely customized meal plans, Colorado Nutrition also offers a full-service smoothie/coffee bar and high-quality nutritional supplements. Matt and his wife, Von, co-owner and behind-the-scenes digital and branding expert, are onsite most of the time and can offer supplemental suggestions or answer any questions. Their passion for what they do shines through in the professionalism of their business and the products they provide.

Von was kind enough to enlarge on their mission, why they do what they do, and how changing lives for the better is what drives them.

Our Vision Behind the Store

We love being able to offer our community a place where they can walk in, be treated like family, and learn anything they need about nutrition, wellness goals, and supplements. And, you can grab a smoothie that not only tastes delicious but has a healthy purpose (pre-workout, post-workout, meal-replacement) without all of the unnecessary extras!

Our Passion For What We Do

We are passionate about truth and accurate information that might be challenging to find in this day and age. We are a place to come when you want an honest, true answer to your simple or complex questions regarding nutrition or a supplement. We truly care about people and their health, and we want to be a welcoming place where you can ask any questions and depend on true quality each time you come in!

Our Life-Changing Nutrition Experience

The reason our nutrition plans are so successful is, first and foremost, that we attract the most amazing people who are ready to commit to their health and learn the truth about their bodies and nutrition. When you pair that with Matt’s nutrition knowledge, experience, care, and commitment, you get really powerful results! In addition, we have the custom nutrition software and technology (InBody570) to navigate your one-of-a-kind meal plan and accurately measure your individual progress with detailed body composition analyses.

Our Hand-Picked Supplements

“Our philosophy for supplements is just that, supplemental. We truly encourage everyone to try to get everything they need with whole food. At times, we aren’t able to do that consistently, and so that is why supplements exist. We are super picky about what we choose to bring into the store; meaning that we request third-party testing results for each and every product. They are verified to have what the label claims. You will not find proteins, pre-workouts, etc. with extra fillers or junk. We provide premium and quality products for your body and health!

Note: We also do not include supplements as a requirement for any of our nutrition plans. If you need it, we have it, but it is not built into any part of the nutrition planning process. You will also never be pressured to choose something that you don’t truly need.

Photos: Sierra Ann Photography

Our Heart For Health

All in all, we are a family who loves this community and we are honored to share our passions and knowledge with others. We want you to know that we care about the health of each individual, and most of all, that you will get true information that is backed by science and research. Every one of us has a story and unique experiences when it comes to our health, and we want to support you in any way we can!”

Whether you are looking for nutritional guidance, a place to pick up your favorite products, or a quick smoothie or coffee, Colorado Nutrition truly is the place to be. Matt and Von are two of the kindest, most genuine people you’ll meet in town. They care with their whole heart and it shows through in their business. Whenever anyone asks me about pre-workouts, proteins, products, or meal-planning and nutritional guidance, I always send them to Colorado Nutrition.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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