The perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Intricate architectural details define the timeless Renaissance collection that celebrates rebirth, resilience, and recovery.

Let me introduce you to your next favorite jewelry designer: Mignon Faget.

Mignon Faget is undoubtably the most iconic name in jewelry out of New Orleans since she started designing over 50 years ago, and is one of the most coveted jewelry lines throughout the south.

If you are from New Orleans, Mignon Faget is probably a household name, and you likely own several Mignon pieces. If you aren’t from New Orleans, and you’ve stumbled across this blog post, you’re welcome.

Mignon Faget’s pieces are elegant, unique, and timeless additions to any jewelry collection.

As a New Orleans native, I received a Mignon gift at almost every birthday and Christmas, so I have an assortment of pieces from various Mignon Faget collections that span over 25 years.

My very first piece of “real” jewelry was the iconic Tulip Pendant necklace that I received when I was in second or third grade. Mignon still sells this style today, and I plan to eventually purchase matching pieces for all my girls.

I still have countless other pieces I have collected over the years in my closet in Fort Collins. They are some of the most sentimental pieces I own and true heirlooms to pass along to my children.

Mignon is always releasing new collections, and even as jewelry trends change and evolve, Mignon Faget remains one of my favorite designers. Her pieces and collections are always modern and current.


The newest collection, The Renaissance Collection, is the perfect jewelry gift for Mother’s Day.

As a nod to the resilience and rebirth of New Orleans, the architectural Renaissance collection serves as a daily reminder that there is always untapped opportunity for change and growth. Intricate architectural details define the timeless Renaissance collection that celebrates rebirth, resilience, and recovery.

Another Mignon collection that I love is the Halo Collection. Featuring several different design styles, Halo focuses on bangles of various metals that can be worn stacked, mixed and matched, and are perfectly versatile for any style of wardrobe.

Aside from jewelry, Mignon Faget also features a unique collection of MF. At Home, focusing on the idea that home is where the art is. MF. At Home offers Louisiana-inspired pieces to turn any house into a home, wherever home may be.

One of my favorite gifts to give from this collection are the Fleur de Lis Glasses, because they are rich, beautiful, and bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home.

Another collection from MF. At Home that holds a special place in my heart are the Mignon Faget Cake Pulls.

Cake pulls are a Southern wedding tradition in which charms are inserted into a tier of wedding cake with the ribbons hanging out, and attending single women choose a ribbon to reveal their fortune. Left to right: Luck, Marriage, True Love, Stability, Opportunity, Prosperity, Eternal Beauty, Red Hot Romance, Wish Come True.

Like most New Orleans girls, I had cake pulls in my wedding cake. Each bridesmaid and flower girl (plus my mom and mother-in-law) selected a cake pull from from my wedding cake. The charm serves as a reminder of my wedding and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or on a charm bracelet.

Regardless of whether you are young, old, southern, or not, Mignon Faget has jewelry pieces that are stunning and meet you at whatever stage of life you are in. The price point for such beautifully crafted pieces is unbeatable and makes the brand reachable for everyone. Make sure to check out the website or if you are in New Orleans – stop in to one of the galleries!

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