Someone once told me that if everything is special, then nothing is special. And, although I agree with that sentiment regarding most aspects of life, I have to disagree when it comes to children’s clothing. In my opinion, there is nothing better than bold prints, bright color, and stand-out pieces for children’s wear (even better if you pair them all in the same outfit).

When I am looking for the best of these things for my littles, my go-to brand is Boden. The British brand is one of my absolute favorites for children’s wear, and I have been consistently shopping them since my oldest was a baby.

When I came across a Boden catalog about seven years ago, I immediately fell in love with the fun energy. The vibe of the children’s wear line felt playful and appropriate for kids, while still being cool and cultivated. Their silhouettes are sophisticated, yet practical and functional for kids (and my kids seem to need extremely practical and extremely functional).

My children are not the sit still and look pretty type. They are wild, fun-loving, and passionate individuals (and I wouldn’t want it any other way). They need a level of quality in their clothing that can keep up with their activity.

Boden accounts for all the running, all the playing, and all the crazy by adding more stitching per square inch in their leggings. Their clothes are washed to the equivalence of over thirty times ensuring they hold up over time, and their coats are all water resistant and machine washable.

As a mom of four, quality is key. I prefer clothing that can be handed down from child to child, and I look for long lasting, quality pieces. I love that their coat tags have room for multiple names and are meant to be passed along.

We go through a lot of clothes in our house, and I, personally, would rather pay for higher quality, longer lasting pieces, instead of inexpensive clothing that barely lasts a month before getting holes. We have never had a Boden piece wear out, even after several hand-me-down rounds and some very rough play.

On top of being extremely well made and durable, the clothes are beautiful. I love the way they blend fun, bright, and bold patterns and colors with beautiful, well-made clothing to create a one-of-a-kind children’s wear line.

Boden clothing is so unique, and their attention to detail is just perfect. They elevate everyday children’s looks, and celebrate what it is to be a child through precious prints and bright fun colors.

I love the small accents and little nuances that they add to their pieces to make them special (think heart shaped pockets, smocked details, tulle overlays, and ruffled sleeves) that you just don’t see in everyday children’s clothing anymore.

I keep going back to the Boden website season after season for three main reasons:

  1. Their styles, colors, and patterns never disappoint.
  2. Their clothes are extremely well made and durable (and we need EXTREMELY durable in this house).
  3. Their attention to detail makes me happy.

Boden is a return to traditional, well-made clothing that is honestly refreshing and needed in the time of fast fashion.

Have you shopped Boden before? Let me know in the comments!

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