We are FINALLY headed back to full-time in-person learning in Fort Collins, and I could not be more grateful. Even though I loved having my kids home and really actually have mixed emotions about them heading back, I am so happy to have a little taste of normal life back.

With all the back and forth at the beginning of the year with whether or not they would actually be IN school, there were several things I put off purchasing. We already bought all the notebooks, pencils, markers, etc. that we needed for at-home learning, so this is mostly a compilation of all the fun necessities.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. All the opinions are, as always, my own.

Here is my list of my top back to school (fun) essentials:

  • BACKPACKS: Obviously, the top pick on my back to schools essentials list is going to be a backpack. My kids have to have somewhere to put all their STUFF (and it seems like they have so much STUFF). State has the cutest backpacks and the best prints. They have three sizes of kids backpacks, depending on your child’s age, and even have an adult line if you are looking for something a little bigger.
  • CLOTHES: Every kid needs new school clothes. Boden has the cutest, most durable kids clothes on the market. Every Boden piece we have has cycled through the entire family. They withstand the test of Rue hand-me-down-ability, and thats saying a lot. They also have a range of styles from dressy to more casual school wear. I like that their comfy clothes still have a sophisticated look while still being functional. So, I can feel good about sending my kids to school in sweats.
  • SHOES. Same goes for shoes. When shopping for my kids, I’m always looking for durability. PLAE shoes are the only ones that do not have holes in the toes and can be handed down from kid to kid. We love our PLAE shoes.
  • NAME LABELS. If your kids are anything like mine, as soon as they take something off or set it down, it is gone forever. With Mabel’s Labels, we have been able to identify all those lost items and get them returned home. My favorite things about Mabel’s Labels are: they are completely customizable, theyrewaterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and really durable. We put them on everything (water bottles, lunch boxes, even clothes!). They are also much easier than trying to write their names on things with Sharpies!
  • HAIR TIES. If you are a girl mom, you know the struggle with hair. This year, I’m stocking up on TELETIES for my girls. I love that they are functional, fashionable, and cause less breakage than regular hair ties. Also, they just came out with the cutest floral collection. If shopping for your littles, choose the mini size.
  • SOCKS. Someone please tell me where all the socks go? It seems that no matter what, the one thing I’m buying most often for my kids is socks. Our family brand of choice is Sock It To Me. I love cute socks on kids, and I think its fun to have some with patterns. If I’m going to be buying socks after socks after socks, they might as well look good.

What did I leave off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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