We just shot our Christmas Card Photographs for 2020.

I love how the pictures came out, and I thought it would be fun to go over what I was thinking when I styled this look.

First and foremost, whenever I do a shoot with the kids, I have to wear something comfortable and something that I can easily move in.

It is not realistic for me to wear super high heels or a pair of pants that is too tight for me to bend over in, because my kids move around a lot, and constantly ask me to pick them up and put them back down. We try a lot of different poses and try to keep it interesting for them. So, if I’m not able to move quickly and comfortably, it can go south fast.

I have made the mistake before of wearing high heels that were difficult to walk in or a pair of pants that were too tight. I learned very quickly that the pictures never turn out the way I want them to if I am uncomfortable. Usually, you can tell in the images that I wasn’t feeling my best, and ultimately, I am disappointed with how they pictures look.

I find my best photos are taken when I am confident, and I am not confident if I am uncomfortable. So, I have made an executive decision to dress smart for shoots with the kids.

Interestingly enough, whenever I style the looks for the Christmas card pictures, I always style my look last. I usually order the kids clothes first, figure out what Jon is going to wear, and then match or coordinate my look accordingly.

So, this year, I did all green for the kids. I wanted to change it up for the typical red for Christmas, but still wanted it to feel holiday, so we skipped the neutrals. The girls wore beautiful dark green velvet dresses, and Dalton had a nice matching green sweater. I almost always gets the kids clothes from a New Orleans clothing boutique called Banburry Cross. They carry the most beautiful clothing for kids (especially holiday).

I almost always have Jon and Dalton match, because I think its cute. So, Jon wore his Zanella Todd Relaxed Fit Front Solid Wool Dress Pants, because Dalton was also wearing grey dress pants (which he kept calling his “work pants” like daddy – be still my heart). I wanted to keep Jon’s look simple, so I paired the pants with his Slim Fit Textured Formal Dress Shirt.

By the time I got around to my look, I knew I wanted the kids to stand out, so I opted for a very simple, yet sophisticated look for myself (which is actually how I dress normally anyway – not too flashy).

When I styled for this shoot, I knew I would be wearing the Veronica Beard Back Zip Scuba Pants (linked). They are super comfy, very stretchy and really practical for a lot of movement, yet still dressy enough to work for holiday. In fact, I usually wear these pants for holiday gatherings as well, because they aren’t tight around the waist and allow for lots of eating.

I thought I would go with an oversized sweater for the shoot, because that look is trending right now. I decided to go with my Hugo Boss Turtleneck Wool Poncho (I linked a similar one), because its black and slimming. Lately, I have put on a little weight, and wanted a look that would still be flattering. Ponchos are amazing for this and always look cute.

Finally, I knew because I was wearing all black, I wanted to do a statement shoe. My all-time favorite statement boots are my Saint Laurent Betty Crystal Stud Suede ankle boots. They are really comfortable, go with everything, and are amazing. They are no longer available unless you are looking on secondary sides, so I linked a similar style in the Jeffery Campbell Studd Bootie. I think they are equally cute and actually sell at a lower price point.

Let me know what you think of this holiday picture look in the comments!

You can also easily shop this look on if you have the app. You can find me at Authentically, Rue. I have linked everything there as well.

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