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This we we are bringing you a special edition Halloween workout. “SPOOKY” is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style workout and will leave you feeling the burn.

Each week, fitness enthusiast Kylie Bergmann and I team up to bring you a new and fresh workout that can be done either at-home or in a gym setting. Kylie writes each week’s workout specifically using her fitness expertise. For more information on Kylie and her fitness background, scroll down to the bottom to read her bio!

Kylie also creates a new Spotify Playlist each week to pair with your workout to make it more fun and energetic. This week is a special halloween edition playlist, so be sure to check it out!

It’s Wednesday. Let’s work it!


Warm-up: Complete the warm-up before moving onto the main workout.

One Mile Jog or Power Stride: Option to run one mile or power walk a half mile.

Lunge to Triangle Stretch (two minutes): From a standing position, step forward into a triangle position. Lower down into a forward lunge to reach same elbow to front inner ankle. Lift out of lunge back two triangle position by straightening your front leg and extend the same arm towards the ceiling/sky at the same time.

Workout: Complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of the following six exercises in 24 minutes.

S – Squats with Weights (12 repetitions): (With weights) sink low into a squat position with weights raked at your chest or shoulder height. Press out of the squat to standing, repeat.

P – Push-Ups (12 repetitions): From a plank position, spread your hands wider than shoulder width distance apart. Lower half way down to the ground then press back to starting position. Repeat twelve times.

O – Overhead Press (12 repetitions): Start standing with weights in hands at goal post position, press weights up and overhead. Return to starting position and repeat.

O – Overhead Tricep Extension (12 repetitions): This exercise can be done with one or two dumbbells. From a standing position, bring weights overhead. Ensure elbows are shoulder width distance apart, drop weights behind you bringing your elbows to 90 degrees. Press weight overhead to return to the starting position. Repeat.

K – Kettlebell Swing (12 repetitions): Starting with feet wider than hip width distance apart, sink low into a squat position, bringing kettlebell (or single weight) between your legs. Use momentum to propel the weight out to shoulder height and thrust your hips forward as you engage your glutes.

Y – Y Raise with Dumbbells (12 repetitions): Start with one weight in each hand. Turn your palms out to an angle, thumbs point up and outwards. Bring weights up past shoulder height, lower weights back down to sides with control.

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More About Kylie:

Kylie Chrisman-Bergmann is a fitness enthusiast born and raised in Northern Colorado. Kylie has a passion for community, yoga, adventure, HIIT workouts, business development, and all activities under the Colorado sun!

Kylie has been an integral part of the fitness community since early 2012, when she began sharing her fitness passion with the NoCo community. While pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration at Colorado State University, Kylie also became certified as a 300-hr E-RYT yoga instructor. In 2017, Kylie pursued her second certification as a Personal Trainer, and is currently working on her Group Fitness certification!

Although Kylie participated in a wide array of fitness via team sports throughout her high-school and college career, it wasn’t until a skiing accident in 2009 that Kylie developed a new appreciation and adoration for the practice of yoga! In doing so, she made a career pivot and began looking into a full-time role in fitness. It was shortly there after, Kylie stepped into a fitness coaching and studio management role for various boutique studios across the Front Range.

Kylie thoroughly enjoys getting her sweat on in multiple facets, as well as cultivating and inspiring a purposeful sense of community in the Fort Collins area. In addition to coaching for Orangetheory Fitness, Kylie also teaches yoga at CorePower Yoga and is often a participant and co-host of various running groups and community yoga around the area. 

In her spare time, you can find her trail running in Lory State Park with her pups, or paddle boarding on Horsetooth Reservoir. She also thoroughly enjoys spending afternoons on her patio soaking up the sun with a buttery glass of chardonnay in-hand, or dinners out with her husband Erik.

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