Welcome back to Work-it Wednesday with Kylie! This week’s focus is a side body strength routine. Several exercises call for a medicine ball, but a dumbbell or any household item approximately 10 – 15 pounds works as well.

If you are opting not to use a medicine ball, focus on form and timing to increase the difficulty. Often, slowing down a move or holding a position for a longer duration can up the intensity as well. As with most things in life, the more you put into these workouts, the more you will get out of them.

This week Kylie created another amazing Spotify playlist to use while working out! Be sure to utilize this awesome perk.

For each of these workouts, I will provide a single image with the entire routine, so you can screen shot it and save it to your phone. Following the overview, I will provide a breakdown of each move and images to accompany the explanation.

Kylie has written this week’s workout specifically using her fitness expertise. She has carefully crafted unique workouts that can be done both at-home or in a gym setting. For more information on Kylie and her fitness background, scroll down to the bottom to read her bio!

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It’s Wednesday. Let’s work it!


Warm-up: Complete one round of each of the following exercises before moving on to the main workout.

Alternating Lunges (50 total): Start standing up with feet hip width apart. Take a big step forward with one leg. Bend the knees until both are at a 90 degree angle. Push through the heel of the forward foot to come back to a standing position. Alternate each leg for three total minutes. *For this move, think railroad tracks, not tight rope. You want your feet to remain hip distance apart throughout the entire exercise.

Inch Worm Pushups (3 minutes): Start standing with feet about shoulder distance apart. Bend over slowly to reach hands towards the ground. You can allow your knees to bend as needed to reach your hands to the ground. Leaving your feet where they are, slowly walk your hands out until you are in a high plank position. At this point, bend at the elbows to add a push up. Slowly shuffle your feet towards your hands and come back to a standing position. Repeat for three minutes.

One Mile Jog or Power Stride: Option to run one mile or power walk a half mile.

Workout: Complete each exercise in order for five total rounds.

Isolated Squat to Frontal Raise (24 Repetitions): Start by standing with feet slightly wider than hip width distance apart and keep toes pointing forward. Hold either a medicine ball between both hands in front of you. Push your hips back, bend knees, and bring thighs about parallel to the ground to come into an isolated squat position. From the squat, raise your arms to shoulder height. Lower your arms back down. This is one repetition. Remain in the isolated squat position throughout all 24 repetitions.

Side Body Triangle Hip Dip (12 Repetitions): Start standing up straight with feet wider than shoulder distance apart. Holding a medicine ball in one hand, slowly bend sideways while lowering the weight / dumbbell as you bend (keeping your torso, chest, and hips facing forward). Come back to standing. This is one repetition. Repeat 12 times on each side.

Rotational Ground to Press (12 Repetitions): Start by standing with feet slightly wider than hip width distance apart and keep toes pointing forward. Push your hips back, bend knees, and bring thighs about parallel to the ground. In the same motion, reach down with medicine ball towards one ankle. From this position bring dumbbell or medicine ball up above your head on the opposite side while coming back to standing. As you press the medicine ball overhead, rotate your hips in the same direction while pivoting off the hell of the back foot. This is one repetition. Repeat twelve times on each side.

Lat Pull Over (12 Repetitions): Begin lying on your back with medicine ball in hands. Lift hips off the ground, keeping your weight in your heels, and position the medicine ball straight out in front of you. From this isolated position, slowly bring the medicine ball over your head. Remain balanced with hips in the air. Bring the medicine ball back to starting position. This is one repetition.

Figure Four Crunches (12 Repetitions): Lying on your back, lift one leg to approximately forty five degrees off the ground. Cross the opposite leg over your raised leg, positioning your ankle on your tight right about the knee. Place your hands behind your head, extending your elbows straight out from your ears. Rotate your torso to bring opposite elbow to opposite knee. Complete twelve repetitions on each side.

Russian Twists (12 Repetitions): From a sitting position while holding a medicine ball at your chest, lift your feet from the floor with bent knees. Lean your spine backwards to approximately a forty five degree from the ground maintaining a straight back and elongated spine. Slowly twist to the right using your abdominals, back to center, and then to the left. This is one repetition. Repeat twelve times.

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More About Kylie:

Kylie Chrisman-Bergmann is a fitness enthusiast born and raised in Northern Colorado. Kylie has a passion for community, yoga, adventure, HIIT workouts, business development, and all activities under the Colorado sun!

Kylie has been an integral part of the fitness community since early 2012, when she began sharing her fitness passion with the NoCo community. While pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration at Colorado State University, Kylie also became certified as a 300-hr E-RYT yoga instructor. In 2017, Kylie pursued her second certification as a Personal Trainer, and is currently working on her Group Fitness certification!

Although Kylie participated in a wide array of fitness via team sports throughout her high-school and college career, it wasn’t until a skiing accident in 2009 that Kylie developed a new appreciation and adoration for the practice of yoga! In doing so, she made a career pivot and began looking into a full-time role in fitness. It was shortly there after, Kylie stepped into a fitness coaching and studio management role for various boutique studios across the Front Range.

Kylie thoroughly enjoys getting her sweat on in multiple facets, as well as cultivating and inspiring a purposeful sense of community in the Fort Collins area. In addition to coaching for Orangetheory Fitness, Kylie also teaches yoga at CorePower Yoga and is often a participant and co-host of various running groups and community yoga around the area. 

In her spare time, you can find her trail running in Lory State Park with her pups, or paddle boarding on Horsetooth Reservoir. She also thoroughly enjoys spending afternoons on her patio soaking up the sun with a buttery glass of chardonnay in-hand, or dinners out with her husband Erik.

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